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Importance Of Online Quran Learning

As you know in this pandemic all the educational institutions are closed and students are not able to learn properly. So, here we are providing you with a variety of Islamic online courses. So you can now easily learn Quran by simply sitting at home without any hurdles. In this way, all the sop’s can be followed.

The main importance of Tanzil-ul-Quran is that the kids of the present age don’t know any teachings of Islam. Day by day they are getting far from Islam. As we all know that Holy Quran is the book in which Allah Almighty has blessed us with a complete code of life. The best of all education in this world is the learning of Holy Quran and it is mandatory for every Muslim.

 In the modern world, online Quran teaching is becoming a significant way of imparting the essential message of the Quran to the masses. Online Quran courses for your kids are means of assuring that your children get raised up in the correct Islamic spirit.

How we provide our services

We provide online classes with proper Tajweed rules via Skype. Our main aim is to teach Holy Quran to our students with proper punctuation. All you need is a mobile/laptop and a good internet connection

Why should you come here?

 Here is some reason why should you join our classes. We provide free trials of 3 days to our new members so, they can satisfy themselves completely. After taking the online classes it’s your choice whether you want to take our classes or discontinue them if you are not satisfied.

We have professional staff members which are expert Islamic scholars. They have great knowledge of their relevant subjects. In this way, you are not restricted to Islamic scholars that are near your house. Here you can find highly qualified tutors from around the world

 As we provide 1 on 1 online classes to our students so, each student is given proper attention and in this way he/she can learn and grow easily.

Safe for kids

Learning Quran at home is safe for your kids. You can avoid road accidents that may occur while you are sending your kid to the mosque or at Islamic schools. You can easily watch over your kid while he/she is taking the online class and see how he/she is making progress

How our classes are conducted?

Our classes are conducted 24 hours and 7 days so that, everyone can join easily. Anyone from any country can join our classes. You can join the class according to the time at which you are free and it is easy for you to take the classes. So there is no time barrier for anyone

Crux: There are many websites from where you can learn Quran. But, our website is best because we provide you with free 3-day online trials, 1 on 1 live class for our students and we have professional facility members. We also provide flexible scheduling. So what are you waiting for, join now

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